Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into various points on the body and of manipulating them in order to relieve pain or to achieve therapeutic effects.

Most people use acupuncture as an alternative to more invasive treatments and methods of pain relief, such as pain pills and other medications. However, most people don't realize that acupuncture as well as other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modalities can treat a plethora of medical conditions.

The earliest written record of acupuncture is the Chinese text Shiji (Records of the Grand Historian in English) with an elaboration of its history in the second century BCE medical text titled Huangdi Neijing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon in English).

Different variations of acupuncture are practiced and taught throughout the world. They involve variations in needle sizes, the length of time the needles are left in and even the way the needle is inserted.

With the new addition of Acupuncture services, Genesis Health Clinic can now be considered a Comprehensive Alternative Medicine Center.